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Urgent: Take Action

What we do. How we do it. And why we need you.


The Return to Freedom sanctuary gives safe haven to almost 400 wild horses, including 29 burros. We fill a vital niche to meet the urgent needs of rescue and refuge for wild horses and burros, as well as provide a venue to educate the public about America’s wild horses and burros.


Aside from our rescue and refuge, Return to Freedom is committed to conserving the unique and diverse bloodlines that both define and preserve the historical, genetic, and biological significance of the American Mustang. We do that by maintaining a rare breeds conservation program.


Return to Freedom’s Initiatives for America’s horses is rooted in inspiring others to take the initiative. Advocacy in Action is our next step in supporting YOU to have your own experience and use your voice to speak out for wild horses, burros, wildlife, and our nation’s cherished wild places.


We have developed long-established and effective programs geared toward both the general public and America’s youth about the plight of wild equines and the preservation of natural places. These programs are in place at our sanctuary and celebrated in our unique and diverse events.

A Big Thank You to Our Foundation and Corporate Supporters!